Research Process
Unity Inc conducts extensive research into selected listed companies to make sure the labour movement is represented and that any company we invest in has a portfolio that reflects social responsibility best practice.

Our research processes is:

1. Potential company names are put forward by our Portfolio Manager.
2. We begin comprehensive background research into such things as CGF SRI reports, integrated reports, company website and publications. A draft report is started.
3. Contact is made with both management and unions. Management is sent the CGF draft report for comment, and both management and union representatives/shop stewards complete a Social Analysis questionnaire.
4. We interview management, shop stewards and employees.
5. Data analysis – the company gets scored and the report is completed based on the Social Analysis questionnaires, interviews etc.
6. The report is presented to the Investment Committee (IC) for approval or rejection, which in turn makes recommendations to the Board for their feedback.
7. The Board makes a final decision and the CGF SRI report is submitted to COMANCO for endorsing and passing onto the Portfolio manager. COMANCO and the Portfolio Manager get a mandate to invest, or not.
8. The company is given a CGF SRI Executive summary.


Selection of Companies

Companies submitted by Portfolio Manager Unity In use: CGF Universe of Shares


Background Research & Report Writing

Use: Background Research Information – CGF SRI Reports; Integrated Reports, Company Website & Publications Start Writing CGF SRI Draft Report Use Collected Background Information


Create Contacts

Contact mnagement & unions Management: send CGF SRI Draft Report for connect & Social Analysus Questionnaire Unions/shop stewards: send Social Analysis Questionnaire



Management, Shop stewards & workers


Scoring the Company & Complete Report Writing

Use & Add interview information; Completed Social Analysis Questionnaire & Completed Questionnaire from Union/Shop stewards


Report Presentation

Present the CGF SRI Report to the IC. IC in turn submits resolution & recommends to the Board for approval or rejection of the company Board makes a final decision on the company Comanco & Portfolio Manager are given a mandat to invest on approved company

Feedback to the company

CGF SRI Executive Summary Report given to the company

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