SETSING Financial Services
SETSING Financial Services Pty Ltd (SETSING)

SETSING Financial Services is a licensed financial services provider offering a product known as the IDEAS Managed Fund. An ‘impact’ investment fund, IDEAS - an acronym for Infrastructural, Developmental, Environmental and Assets – focuses on social and environmental objectives while achieving financial returns.

Underlying Portfolios of IDEAS Managed Fund
These funds invest in the unlisted shares of companies investing in SA and SADC in the following…

  • IDEAS Equity Fund - infrastructure or development assets.
  • IDEAS Renewable Energy Sub Fund - renewable energy projects.
  • IDEAS Clean Energy Fund - clean energy projects.
  • IDEAS Property Fund - immovable properties in underdeveloped urban and rural areas.
  • IDEAS Interest Bearing Funds.
  • IDEAS Bond Fund - developmental bonds.
  • IDEAS Money Market Fund - money market instruments.

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