Social Responsibility Criteria
Social Responsibility Criteria

Before investing in any company, Unity Inc does extensive research to make sure it complies with our commitment to community and environmental upliftment, and employee well-being.

We look for…

  1. Job creation through innovation and expansion.
  2. Training and skills development to up-skill workers and improve productivity.
  3. Social and economic empowerment through active worker participation in collective bargaining forums, committees and such, as well as support for Corporate Social Investment through social welfare, job creation and recreational programmes, and economic opportunities for emerging black and female-lead businesses.
  4. Employment equity and transformation in the workplace.
  5. Good working environments and adherence to labour legislation.
  6. Good health and safety standards, policies and legislation.
  7. Sound environmental standards and compliance with relevant policies and legislation.
  8. Corporate Governance that shows openness, transparency and full disclosure.

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